Food Processing & Handling

Food Pocessing & Handling Solutions
Food industry and automation are natural partners. Dealing as it does with perishable goods, the food industry needs automation to minimize the bacterial load of human workers. Automation also improves the productivity and efficiency of operations.

Cybernetik goes ahead and adds customization, ergonomics, and aesthetics to food automation. Our purpose-built solutions seamlessly integrate multiple operational stages, and are equipped with recipe management, data track-trace, and intuitive HMIs.

Built to a hygienic, GMP design in accordance to stringent global standards, Cybernetik’s food automation covers:
● Processing
● Handling & Packaging
● Specialized Automation

Grow Your Business

Bring the power of industrial automation to your food business.

The Cybernetik Advantage

Food Processing & Handling

  • Customized automation & recipe management
  • Food-grade, GMP & ergonomic construction
  • Integrated CIP system for automated sanitization (optional)
  • Standards certification / compliance
  • High productivity & efficiency

We develop efficient customized solutions for your food business



Ready to Eat / Heat Automation

Cybernetik’s Ready to Eat (RTE) & Ready to Heat (RTH) line delivers rapid cooking while leaving the authentic flavours and nutritional content undisturbed. Customizable and flexible, the solution is designed to the required global standards. Safety, efficiency, and eco-friendly features are built into it. Moreover, the system minimizes product loss in case of electricity outages.

Continuous Mixing & Extrusion System

Cybernetik’s Continuous Mixing & Extrusion System (Bhujia Extruder) achieves an important milestone for food automation – flavour and quality similar to handmade food items, something highly prized by customers.

Automated Multistage Food Paste Processing System

Cybernetik’s Automated, Multistage Food Paste Processing System is a high-throughput, hygienic solution for three-stage cooking and cooling of fish paste. A Transporter-Lifter shifts the Material Trolley between Tanks and the Docking Station. Tanks have retractable openings on their top surface. Trays between Tanks prevent water from Material Trolley spilling on the floor.

Flavour Mixing System

Flavour mixing system is a CE certified solution for exact blending of flavours in the required proportion. Built to GMP standards, its operation is dust-free.

Snack Food Automation

Snack food automation custom handles multiple dals (pulses) and was fitted into the client’s existing layout. Centrifuge cooking oil filtration and simultaneous washing-conveying minimize human interaction. SCADA simplified operations of this hygienic, cGMP system built from SS304.

Kitchen Equipment for Candy Preparation Plant

Cybernetik integrated a whole range of tanks into a single system and installed it on a single platform. While accommodating the plant in limited space, Cybernetik also upgraded product quality and operational efficiency. Batching and material transfer to the moulding line was accurate and completely automated. Set up worked with minimal workforce.

Integrated Sugar Milling, Storage & Packaging Solution

Sugar grinding and manual packing solution safely handles sugar milling, storage, and packaging at 1200 kg/hr. Considering that sugar is explosive at and above 150 deg-C, safety was the foremost parameter. Therefore, ATEX area was clearly demarcated.

Multiple Ingredient Sifting, Feeding & Conveying Automation

Precise, dust-free transfer of multiple ingredients with zero cross contamination. Ingredients are sifted before conveying into dedicated SilosScrew Conveyors, Valves, and Load Cells ensure metered quantity addition of each ingredient into the Weighing Hopper. Precise quantity water addition option in Mixer is available.

Handling & Packaging

High Speed Pick & Place of Naked Product

Robotic high-speed pick and place system for enrobed chocolate combines two vision systems and four delta robots to accurately pick and place chocolates of different sizes, shapes, and orientations at high speeds of up to 480 p.p.m. The main PLC panel with SCADA allows recipe selection and new recipe configuration. Built to FDA standards, the system complies with international safety guidelines.

Product Conveying & Distribution System

Candy conveyance and logistics was designed as a high quality, cost effective, and completely integrated hygienic solution including 5 conveying lines with 96 conveyors. Continuous welding gave it a tubular structure and it utilized the Rockwell Control System and VOLTA food grade belts. Modular design and build enabled quick installation-uninstallation.

Robotic Tray Filling & Weighing for Naked Product

Robotic tray filling and weighing for naked product solution integrates robot, conveyors, and hoppers into a solution that picks up empty trays from the stack, fills them, places them on the other stack, and then conveys them. The system complies with relevant international safety guidelines and is made in SS304 to FDA standards.

Product Distribution with Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Packaging

Naked Product Automated Sorting & Distribution System with Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Packing Lines is a completely turnkey solution that delivers 1800 PPM throughput with auto distribution balancing on wrapper feedback. Main PLC Panel with HMI enables recipe selection and fresh recipe configuration. Made from food grade SS304, it complies with all relevant global safety standards.

Robotic Case Packer for Shrink Packs & Bottles

A versatile solution, this robotic setup can case pack bottles as well as shrink packs with an Automatic Tool Changer. Matrix formation for both is customizable, lending the solution broad applicability. Changeovers are rapid and 3D Point Cloud technology scans for missing bottles to improve accuracy.

Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic milk powder bagging eliminated a bagging bottleneck and minimized human contact. Customized to fit into the existing layout with upstream-downstream integration, the solution improved speed and accuracy while creating a 1-hour buffer and enabling inline heat sealing and stitching.

Manual Bagging Machine

Manual bagging machine is a precise and safe bagging solution with flow rate control and in-built stitching/sealing arrangement. Suited for food grade applications with a GMP built, the system has separate fine and coarse feeders as well as multiple weigh scales for accurate filling.

Specialized Equipment

Clean in Place (CIP) System

Cybernetik’s three tank CIP system consists of three main and three buffer tanks. Made to a hygienic, cGMP built, the system uses FDA-compliant Valves and ASME-grade Heat Exchangers. Buffer Tanks minimize water usage, Isolation Valves prevent cross contamination, LOTO arrangement boosts safety, and self-cleaning feature simplifies cleansing.

Conveyorized Synchronous Cutter

A leading sea food processing company was looking to standardize the quantitative and aesthetic aspects of its products via automation. This required merging multiple operational stations into a single one for cutting food paste into slabs of precise dimensions.


Snack Food



Naked Chocolates

Ready to Eat / Heat Foods




Food Grains




Food Powders




Granular Foods




Bottled Foods

Food Pouches

Food Cases & Cartons

Wrapped Chocolates


Automate your Food Processing, Handling and Packaging line

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About Cybernetik

Successfully delivering turnkey automation solutions since 1989.

Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik was set up as a consultancy in 1989 by a group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras, India and the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

From 10 people operating in less than 100 sq.m. workspace, our footprint in India has expanded to 30,000+ sq.m. across four units, two each in Pune, Maharashtra and Nadiad, Gujarat.

Our global operations are based out of three international offices:

Vietnam (for Southeast Asia), Dubai (for Middle East and Africa) and United States (for North America).


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