Automated, Multistage Food Paste Processing System

Cybernetik’s Automated, Multistage Food Paste Processing System is a high-throughput, hygienic solution for three-stage cooking and cooling of fish paste. A Transporter-Lifter shifts the Material Trolley between Tanks and the Docking Station. Tanks have retractable openings on their top surface. Trays between Tanks prevent water from Material Trolley spilling on the floor.

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Cybernetik has delivered customized automation and equipment solutions for the Ready-to-Eat food industry, enabling rapid cooking with flavour and nutrient retention, customizability, hygiene, and safety.

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6 months

Customer Requirements

  • Three (3) stage cooking via boiling in 3 separate Tanks
  • Food grade construction
  • Around 900 kg/hr throughput
  • Zero water spillage when transporting Material Trolley between Tanks

Cybernetik Solution

  • Single operator can handle the system
  • 900 kg/hr throughput
  • Overhead Transporter and Lifter successively shift Material Trolley between Tanks and Docking Station
  • Steam Injection heating for water in Tanks
  • FD and ID Blowers prevent exhaust steam from Tanks condensing on system surface
  • Trays between Tanks drain water spilling from Material Trolley
  • Pre Boiling Tank holds product (fish paste) at 500C for 50 min
  • Boiling Tank holds product at 900C for 30 min
  • Cooling Tank holds product for 30 min to decrease temperature to 300C
  • Hygienic, GMP built
  • SS304L/304 for contact/non-contact areas


  • 1 x Transporter
  • 1 x Lifter
  • 2 x 500 kL Insulated Tanks with retractable Covers for pre boiling and boiling
  • 1 x 500 kL Tank with retractable Cover for cooling
  • 1 x Docking Station
  • 1 x Material Trolley
  • 2 x FD Blowers
  • 1 x ID Blower
  • 1 x Heat Exchanger
  • 2 x Steam Skids
  • 1 x HMI
  • 1 x CIP System

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