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Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik's expertise in chocolate manufacturing equipment has revolutionized the industry, providing customized solutions that ensure superior performance and efficiency from processing to packaging.

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Process Flow

We develop efficient Turnkey Solutions for your chocolate business

Chocolate Manufacturing & Chocolate Making Machine
Quality Check
Vibratory Conveyor
Cocoa Beans Unloading
Separator / Aligner
Primary Packaging
Secondary Packaging
Tertiary Packaging
Carton Erector

The Cybernetik Advantage

Quality Check

  • High-speed vision and magnetic metal detectors
  • Detection for incorrect orientation, chip off, and metal ingress
  • In-line row rejection

Vibratory Conveyor

  • High capacity and speed
  • Bulk and overhead transfer to minimize footprint
  • Up to 30-deg upward conveying
  • Precise feed rate control via vibration frequency modification
  • Up to 6m product elevation


  • Rapid, high-speed operation at 2000-6000 rpm
  • Inbuilt durability and redundancy
  • Easy maintenance-replacement
  • Air cooled Seals and high-performance Bearings
  • Silencers and Inlet Magnets for smooth functioning
  • Hi-tech Polymer Belt for Drive Motor
  • Hygienic, cGMP built

Cocoa Beans Unloading

  • De-dusting Mechanism
  • Magnetic Metal Separator of 10,000 - 12,000 (± 500) gauss
  • Safe and ergonomic loading system
  • Hygienic, cGMP built
  • In-built Hopper


  • Dust free, smooth operation
  • Flavour preservation for authentic taste
  • Texture control via particle size control
  • Tamper-proof storage
  • Resident time control for required flavour and texture
  • Thorough blending


  • Maintains texture through temperature control, preheating of moulds, and vibration table.  
  • Integrated granule dosing unit and granule-chocolate mixer for chocolates with granules.   
  • Automatic or semi-automatic.  
  • Mould material options: Plastic, polycarbonate, or rubber moulds.  

Separator / Aligner

  • Precise row-based separation.  
  • In-line live belt aligners and feeders.  
  • Metal detector and in-line row rejection.  
  • Product singling by 45-deg conveyors.  
  • International standard compliance.  


  • Real time Brix checks for rapid operation
  • SCADA for total parameter (temperature, pressure, Brix) control
  • High-strength limpet / dimple jacket design
  • In-built mechanisms to prevent burn-on, mix thoroughly

Primary Packaging

  • Hygienic, cGMP built
  • Precision: Tracking systems for pick-place on moving conveyors
  • High speed: Up to 120 naked chocolates pick-place per minute
  • Orientation based packaging with incorrect position-orientation detection
  • Versatility: Handles various chocolate types and sizes
  • Optimized flow wrapper feeding and distribution

Secondary Packaging

  • Programmable with user-friendly HMI
  • High speed: Servo/Pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers for palletizers
  • Precision: Weight-based, metered filling systems
  • Large payload capacity
  • Pneumatic holding, fail safe clamping, and stitching / sealing arrangement for bag packing
  • Hygienic, cGMP built

Tertiary Packaging

  • High speed: Servo/Pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Customized pallet matrix formation
  • Modular, purpose-built design with upstream-downstream integration
  • Flexibility: Automatic, end-of-arm tooling change
  • Multiple unit palletizing in some cases 

Carton Erector

  • Customized pallet matrix formation
  • Servo/pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers for high speed
  • Multiple cartons simultaneously palletized
  • Optional automated pallet storage and dispensing system
  • Integration with empty pallet dispensing station
  • Integration with slip sheet pick and place for top sheet and bottom sheets

Production Equipment

View all
  • Belt Conveyor for Chocolate Manufacturing

    Belt Conveyor

  • Automatic Bagging Machine for Chocolate Manufacturing

    Automatic Bagging Machine

  • Melter for Food Production Automation


  • Chocolate Making Trough Belt Conveyor

    Trough Belt Conveyor

  • Stretch Wrapper for Different Ways of Wrapping Chocolate

    Stretch Wrapper

  • Vibratory Conveyor for Chocolate Manufacturing

    Vibratory Conveyor

  • Chocolate Making Machine - Cleated Belt Conveyor

    Flight / Cleated Belt Conveyor

  • Continuous Paddle Mixer for Chocolate Manufacturing

    Continuous Paddle Mixer

  • Ploughshare Mixer for Chocolate Manufacturing

    Ploughshare Mixer

  • IBC Blender

  • Loss in Weight Feeder

  • Powder Charging System

  • Ribbon Blender Machine

  • Big Bag Filling

  • Combo Valve

  • Big Bag Unloading System

  • Storage Silo

  • High Speed Fine Grinder

  • CT Valve

  • Screw Conveyor

Packaging Solutions

  • Robotic Case Erector

  • Robotic Carton Packer for Pouches

  • Carton Palletizer

  • Bag Palletizer

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The Manufacturing Process:
Roasting is the important first step and plays several important roles:
  • Brings out the taste and flavor because it is the roasted cocoa beans that taste like chocolate, not the raw ones. Typical cocoa bean color and aroma develop around 130-1500C.
  • Sterilizes the bean, eliminating any bacteria, molds, and fungi that are widespread in the tropical equatorial regions – the home of cocoa beans.
  • Simplifies cracking and winnowing by disconnecting the inner bean from the outer husk. Roasting makes the outer cocoa shells brittle, making it easy to separate them. Breaking down the inner cocoa bean gives tiny cocoa nibs.
  • Reduces moisture content from around 7% to about 1%. This is important because chocolate and water do not mix. Lowering moisture simplifies grinding.
    For effective roasting, three conditions are essential viz. transfer of heat to the bean, smooth airflow in the roasting drum, and cooling.
Winnowing involves delinking the husk (outer shell) from the nib (edible part) of cocoa beans. The process directly impacts the final quality of the chocolate as better separation delivers top quality. Any residual husk will introduce unwanted tastes. Winnowing takes off 20-25% of the roasted beans’ weight.
Equipment for winnowing cracks open the outer husks, which are then segregated from the nib by multiple stages of sieves (filters). Air blowing fans complete the separation as husks are lighter than nibs.
Roasted beans are cracked open by passing them through serrated cones or screw motion. Vibration mechanisms may also be employed in addition to filters and fans for superior separation.
Grinding passes nibs through rotating metal drums to convert them into liquid called chocolate liquor. Nibs contain 50-55% cocoa butter, which is a crucial ingredient for making chocolate.
Depending on the requirements, manufacturers utilize three or even more grinding stages. The roller speed rises in every successive stage. Eventually, the size of chocolate liquor particles is crushed to 0.0254mm.
From the middle of the grinding stage, the process handles liquid chocolate and this continues till step 8 i.e. molding stage.
Separation involves the use of hydraulic press or rollers to hike the pressure on chocolate liquor. This makes most of the cocoa butter inside the chocolate liquor flow out as a yellow liquid. The residue is the press cake and is processed into cocoa powder.
During blending, manufacturers add cocoa butter to the press cake. The quantity of added cocoa butter influences the consistency and texture, and, therefore, determines the type of chocolate produced.
Conching is the most critical stage in chocolate production. Operating somewhat similar to eggbeater, the machine paddles move to and fro through the chocolate mass slowly to mix it thoroughly and aerate it. Such action further reduces the chocolate particles’ size and removes any minor, residual bitterness.
Process speed and temperature influence the quality of chocolate. Other determinants of quality are the speed at which other ingredients (sugar, milk powder or milk, cocoa butter, flavors etc.) are mixed and when they are added.
Tempering is the slow cooling of the conched chocolate. Such machines can have heating and cooling mechanisms as well as mixers to maintain the molten chocolate’s homogeneity.
Steady temperature drop in tempering imparts stability to the chocolate i.e. prevents the ingredients from separating on solidification – when poured in molds for example.  It also maintains the chocolate’s crisp texture and luster. It is the tempering stage that prevents chocolate from melting when people touch it.
Molding is the pouring of liquid chocolate into molds designed to provide the specifically shaped chocolate. Types of chocolates are pure chocolates, wafer or cookie including chocolates, raisin or dry fruit containing chocolates, or those with a core containing different materials such as jelly.
Totally automatic, semi automatic, and manual are the three types of mold machines based on the level of automation.
Stage 8 i.e. molding starts with liquid chocolate and ends with a solid one. Hereafter, all stages deal with solid chocolate.
Wrapping protects the chocolate from contamination while also lending it a catchy appearance and enabling the makers to brand their produce. After loading the wrapper material and chocolate (of the required size and shape) in the wrapper machine, the machine wraps the chocolate, cuts the wrapper, and seals it. Thereafter, the wrapped chocolates are packaged into cartons.
Types of wrapper machines are Bar Wrapper, Coin Wrapper, Foil Wrapper, and Fold Wrapper. Different ways a chocolate is wrapped are Banding, Fold Wrapping, Foil Wrapping, Pleat Wrapping, Sleeve Wrapping, Twist Wrapping, and Foil and Band Wrapping.
Chocolates can be wrapped as much as five times viz. primary, double primary, secondary, tertiary, and final wrappings.
Molding machine is an auxiliary to the wrapping machine. Equipment that serve as auxiliaries to both machines are:
  • Tempering Machine
  • Chocolate Pump
  • Nut Feeder
  • Chocolate Enrober
  • Biscuit Feeder
  • Automatic Demolder
  • Feeder Mixer
  • Auto Chocolate Depositor
  • Chocolate Analyzer
  • Granule Doser
  • Granule Mixer
  • Weighing-Filling Mechanism


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About Cybernetik

Successfully delivering turnkey automation solutions since 1989.

Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik was set up as a consultancy in 1989 by a group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras, India and the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

From 10 people operating in less than 100 sq.m. workspace, our footprint in India has expanded to 30,000+ sq.m. across four units, two each in Pune, Maharashtra and Nadiad, Gujarat.

Our global operations are based out of three international offices:

Vietnam (for Southeast Asia), Dubai (for Middle East and Africa) and United States (for North America).


Chocolate manufacturing is a colossal global industry as chocolates are among the most popular of non-food items. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that chocolate manufacturing machines are in great demand. Top quality chocolate making machines enable fine control over temperature, mixing rate, and cooling rate. In turn, this allows close control over the two properties that determine the quality of chocolates – flavor and texture. 

Following is the process of manufacturing chocolates:

  • Cleaning
  • Roasting releases the hidden flavours, sanitizes the bean, and reduces moisture content.  
  • Winnowing separates the edible nib from the outer shell. 
  • Grinding changes the nibs into a liquid state. 
  • Separation segregates the chocolate liquor from the cocoa butter. 
  • Blending determines texture and consistency by adding cocoa butter to press cake. 
  • Conching is critical in the process of manufacturing chocolate as if affects the texture-influencing particle size, while eliminating residual bitterness.  
  • Tempering is slow cooling that too influences the chocolate texture in relation to human touch. 
  • Moulding pours liquid chocolates into the necessary shape. 
  • Wrapping can secondary or primary packaging. Different ways of wrapping chocolates are fold wrapping, pleat wrapping, foil wrapping, foil and band wrapping, sleeve wrapping, twist wrapping, and the like. 
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