Industrial Automation & Robotics in Manufacturing

The future of automation is here.

With innovation at the core of our thinking process, we believe aesthetics and superior performance are integral to all our material handling and processing solutions.

What We Do

Cybernetik partners with clients to provide beautiful, ergonomic, and totally integrated solutions from Concept to Commissioning:

Process Automation

Solutions to process powders, solids, and liquids to deliver high throughput, reliability, and final product consistency.

Material Handling Systems

From receiving-feeding, storage-discharge, and conveying to vision based robots and primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

Turnkey Integrated Solutions

With latest IoT technologies and single operational interface to ensure bespoke systems with predictive maintenance, advanced condition monitoring, and asset health management systems.

Documentation & Compliance Consultation

Such as CE, ASME, ATEX, or GMP as per 21CFR or EU-GMP to take your business to the international level in a globalized world.

Process Automation

Robotic Automation

Upcoming Events

Global Presence

Headquartered in India with two design offices and four manufacturing plants, we provide automation and robotics solutions to tackle complex industrial challenges for a global clientele through innovation and advanced technologies.
Industrial Automation & Robotics in Manufacturing

North America

Cybernetik Inc
SC 29486, USA
Phone: 1-224-634-7250


Cybernetik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Gat No. 365, Urawade, Mutha Road,
Opposite Indo-German Technology Park,
Pune – 412108.
Maharashtra, India.

Middle East & North Africa

Cybernetik Technologies (FZE)
Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park
Sharjah, UAE

South East Asia

Cybernetik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ho Chi Minh City,

More About Cybernetik

Cybernetik is among the top robotics automation companies in Pune, as also one of the premier automation companies in Gujarat. With a track record that stretches back to 1989, the company is a specialist in innovation and has always tapped the best features of latest automation technologies as well as cutting edge tools and techniques in industrial automation and robotics.

Our robotic automation as well as non-robotic automation systems find application in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing sectors. Robotics in manufacturing is picking up and we have used robotics and automation for delivering solutions related to EV battery assembly, root end machining of wind turbines, pick and place of crankshafts and connecting rods at high temperatures, and the like.

Some examples of our non-robotic automation solutions are industrial cooking systems for Ready to Eat / Heat (RTE/H), continuous mixing and extrusion system for bhujia (short and thin edible sticks) snacks, V blender for systematic mixing of pharmaceutical ingredients, metered ingredient sifting feeding and conveying system, and automated multistage food paste processing system.   

What sets up apart from other robotic process automation companies in Pune or anywhere else for that matter is our relentless drive to customize through innovation. Not for nothing have we delivered excellent and vibrantly functioning automation systems to a global clientele.

Robotics and automation are no longer a luxury for the manufacturing industry, they are a necessity. Be it robotics companies in Pune, automation companies in Gujarat, or manufacturing companies located anywhere on the face of the earth. 

What industrial automation and robotics do is take over the dull, repetitive, as well as hazardous operations involved in manufacturing. This way, humans have enough time and energy left to handle the more strategic tasks. Robotics in manufacturing finds application in areas such as robotic welding, pick and place of heavy or high-temperature parts, spray painting, machining and the like.

And with the incorporation of latest automation technologies, robotics automation companies in Pune or robotic process automation companies located anywhere can raise the bar for productivity, efficiency, safety, ergonomics, and cost effectiveness.

Robotic automation is particularly noteworthy on account of the inherent flexibility of robots. This works wonders when dealing with projects that require part size flexibility as well as operational versatility. Let’s consider an example of robotics in manufacturing. One single robot can perform multiple operations such as sawing, milling, and drilling when equipped with an automatic tool changer. This improves productivity by making the operations uninterrupted.

Industrial robotics and automation are, therefore, indispensable to the modern manufacturing setup that hopes to survive and thrive in a competitive global landscape.

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