Hygiene is the byword for the food industry. Regulations are stringent and compliances are exhaustive. Surging urbanization, rising populations, and changing dietary preferences drive the food market. More than just catering to basic needs, foods add flavor to diet. Which is why food product innovation is on the rise.

Cybernetik goes beyond hygiene and improves productivity and efficiency as well through customized, cGMP-compliant solutions. Whether you are a chocolate maker, a producer of tasty snacks, or someone who blends spices, we have 30+ years of experience for streamlining your operations and taking your business to the next level.

Grinding sugar and spices is a delicate operation. Sugar dust can be explosive, and spices can lose flavour and nutrition during grinding. Our sugar-grinding solutions deliver dust-free milling, storage, and packaging of sugar in a safe and hygienic manner. Cybernetik’s spice grinding solutions provide milling with flavour and nutrient retention.

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Cybernetik offers a whole range of processing, handling, and packaging automation solutions for the food industries that include spice grinding solutions, robotic pick and place of naked products, snack packaging machines, ready to eat / heat (RTE/H) industrial cooking plant, food packaging automation, and continuous mixing and extrusion system among others. 

Following are the USPs of our spice grinding solutions:

  • Bag Tipping Station with Magnetic Grill filters out metal particles 
  • Vibro Sifter for size-based particle separation 
  • Fine Grinder for milling with flavour preservation
  • Easy to detach and clean for rapid product changeover
  • Quick access to Sifter via easily detachable Lid
  • Dust-free manual packing 

Snack packaging machines enable:

  • Hygienic packaging by minimizing bacterial load via reduced human involvement.
  • Accurate weighing and batching.
  • High throughput. 
  • Required standards compliance. 
  • Data track and trace. 

Food packaging automation includes naked product pick and place, bag and carton palletizing, case packing solutions, and flow wrapper systems among others. Value added features of these include:

  • Detection and rejection of defective and incorrectly oriented products. 
  • Metal detection systems to check metal ingress in products.
  • Data track and trace via labelling and bar code scanning. 
  • Maximum packaging density for case packing and palletizing. 
  • Compliance with required standards for safety and hygiene. 

Cybernetik’s spice grinding solutions are primed for rapid operation that also preserves the flavor, nutritional value, and aroma of the spices. Spice grinding solutions, when integrated with downstream food packaging automation, form a complete system processing cum packaging solution the delivers the best possible hygiene, productivity, and efficiency. 

Food packaging automation helps meet a very critical requirement in the food industry – minimize the bacterial load. Although this requirement is more necessary during processing, its necessity is also felt during packaging, particularly primary packaging. Remember, recalls are the worst profitability killers in the food industry. 

Snack packaging machine are a part of food packaging automation, and help speed up the packaging process while maintaining the integrity of the product and freeing up manual labour from dull and repetitive tasks involved in packaging. Shelf life is a crucially important consideration for snack food and snack packaging machines are designed to partly address this requirement. 


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