Fully Automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) System for Food & Pharma Industries

Cybernetik’s three tank CIP system consists of three main and three buffer tanks. Made to a hygienic, cGMP built, the system uses FDA-compliant Valves and ASME-grade Heat Exchangers. Buffer Tanks minimize water usage, Isolation Valves prevent cross contamination, LOTO arrangement boosts safety, and self-cleaning feature simplifies cleansing.

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Discover our turnkey Ready-to-Eat Food Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Cybernetik has delivered customized automation and equipment solutions for the Ready-to-Eat food industry, enabling rapid cooking with flavour and nutrient retention, customizability, hygiene, and safety.

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  • Main Tanks of 6000 litre
  • Buffer Tanks of 2000 litre
  • Flow Rate of 32 m3/hr


Food, Pharmaceuticals



  • Food Production Systems such as Ready-to-Eat / Heat (RTE/H)
  • Pharmaceutical Systems


  • Three tank system with 3 main and 3 buffer tanks.
  • Hygienic, cGMP built ensures food and pharma product safety.  
  • FDA-compliant valves for hygiene and safe operation at high temperatures.                             
  • ASME-grade heat exchangers for safe operation at high process pressures. 
  • Buffer tanks minimize water usage.
  • SS 3304, food-grade construction.
  • Isolation valves prevent cross contamination.
  • Smart positioner valves for temperature-based control of steam flow rate.
  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO) arrangement boosts safety by preventing unauthorized / accidental activation of equipment.
  • Thermostatic air vent automatically removes air from steam to improve heating efficiency.
  • Self-sanitization feature for rapid and easy cleansing.
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