Data driven monitoring, control, and decision making are on the rise in the manufacturing industry. Productivity and efficiency too are important considerations. Intelligent automation is the key to achieve these targets.

Cybernetik Technologies deploys the latest automation technologies that enable manufacturers to harness the full potential of the data-based model in the form of optimal all round performance and minimal wastes.

Automation Manufacturers


Substrate Coating, Drying & Calcining System

Substrate coating, drying, and calcining system integrates four automation mechanisms - washcoat, coating, substrate handling cum thermal processing, and quality checks. The system has total online traceability via SCADA systems, inkjet printers, and barcode readers. Poka yoke eliminates errors. It churns out 80 catalytic converters per hour that are used in heavy duty trucks, passenger ...

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Root-End Machining for Wind Turbine Blades

Robots provide error-free, robust solutions for machining wind turbines and other wind energy equipment. Robotic Machining System for Wind Turbine Blades Project Video Capacity Customizable Market Energy Applications Machining wind turbine blade for better fastening with the the rotor/hub. Highlights Single robot handles all machining operations with up to 3000 mm PCD. Multiple robot matrix ...

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Pick and Place Robot Manufacturers

SCADA and PROFINET equipped, totally integrated solution with a vision system and six robots handling 100+ parts of differing dimensions in a cycle time of under 4 seconds. Robotic Pick & Place Capacity Customizable Market Automobiles, Electronics Applications Capacitor assembly Catalytic converter coating Highlights 6 x robots with high-end conveyor tracking.  25 x plastic link ...

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Robotic automation improves the throughput, accuracy, and efficiency of electronics assembly. Automatic Capacitor Assembly System Project Video Capacity Customizable Market Electronics Applications Capacitor Assembly Highlights 1 x Industry 4.0 MES-based Control System handles 16 Robots. Only 2 Operators required. Complete system integration including component feeding systems, component processing systems, product assembly systems, and final QC ...

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Robotic welding enables complex weld paths at high productivity, precision, and safety. MIG Welding of Aluminium Construction Panels Project Video Capacity Customizable Market Construction Applications Construction Panels to make Concrete Moulds. Highlights High-productivity, spatter-free solution. Single sourcing of robot, feeder, weld source, and torch package ensure seamless coupling between these and is particularly useful for ...

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Catalytic Convertor

Catalytic converters largely neutralize carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter from automobile exhaust. Substrate Coating, Drying, & Calcining System Project Videos Capacity Customizable Market Automobile Applications Catalytic converters installed in: Heavy duty trucks Passenger cars Motorcycles Highlights Total traceability i.e. every operation on each part is inspected and the data noted down for ...

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Manufacturing is evolving rapidly in order to keep up with the technological transformation ushered in by Industry 4.0. Data is the currency in the world of smart manufacturing as factories look to optimize production parameters to attain best possible productivity and efficiency with minimal wastes.

Automation is a great way to harness the immense possibilities thrown open by technological development. You could be a food product maker looking to purchase a smart chocolate manufacturing machine. Or a spare part manufacturer in search of a pick and place robot. Or a capacitor maker on the quest for a robotic palletizer for rapid secondary packaging automation.

The list is endless. What is common across this list is the requirement for automation manufacturers. The need to invest in automation was never greater!

Speed, accuracy, safety, ergonomics, and efficiency are the well-known benefits of automation. The manufacturing sector is no exception. When used for pick and place automation, fast delta robots, for example, can deal with over a hundred parts in a minute! And we are not even talking of their accuracy.

Complex operations that follow a particular sequence deserve special mention in view of the capacity of automation to handle these with precision. An example of this is the catalytic converter coating automation. The cylindrical converter is covered with various coats in multiple stages. The set up consists of numerous automated units including robots, tanks, calciners, conveyors, printers, scanners, flip overs, pallets and the like. The beauty of automation is in the integration of these into a holistic and coherent system. 

What rapid change also brings in is the need for flexibility. Systems that work today may not do so in the near future. Automation manufacturers need to be particularly vigilant about this and factor in the requirements that the changing scenario will make them consider.


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