Pick and Place Robot Applications

SCADA and PROFINET equipped, totally integrated solution with a vision system and six robots handling 100+ parts of differing dimensions in a cycle time of under 4 seconds.

Robotic Pick & Place




Automobiles, Electronics


  • Capacitor assembly
  • Catalytic converter coating


  • 6 x robots with high-end conveyor tracking. 
  • 25 x plastic link conveyors.
  • High speed servo conveyors and pick-place manipulators. 
  • Servo grippers and pneumatic grippers with current and pressure based force feedback. 
  • Vision system to guide robot to pick position and defective part detection. 
  • Online, high speed inkjet printing, barcode reading, and data logging. 
  • Network integration via PROFINET.
  • Poka yoke at all locations. 
  • Easy to use SCADA system with multiple hierarchy and operation plus maintenance screens. 
  • Complete system integration with 3rd party process equipment. 
  • Exhaustive design approval process, factory acceptance test (FAT), and site acceptance test (SAT).

Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance, and spares. The Robotic Pick and Place solution provided by Cybernetik has revolutionized our production line by improving speed, accuracy, and reducing errors, giving us a competitive edge in the market. Our expertise in robotic solutions is evident in their Robotic Pick and Place case study, demonstrating their capabilities in delivering advanced automation technology for optimizing production processes. 


Pick and Place Robot Applicationscan look forward to their robots handle a wide variety of products ranging from pouches and bottles to cartons and shrink packs. Customizability of the robot for a particular application is of primary importance. 

Cybernetik has worked with leading pick and place robot manufacturers to design, build, and deploy the following solutions:

  • High Speed Pick & Place of Naked Chocolates at a rate of 480 products/ min using four delta robots. 
  • 3D Vision Based Pick & Place of Irregularly Shaped Hot Crankshafts from conveyors onto pallets with 100% pallet space utilization despite the inconsistent shape and dimensions of pallets. 
  • Pick & Place of Catalytic Converters during their coating process. This includes the flipping of the converter substrate for coating from both ends as well as placing them on acceptance or rejection conveyors. 
  • Integrated Secondary & Tertiary Bottle Packing Solution that includes case erection, bottle packing, carton top taping, and carton palletizing. The solution is also equipped with a missing bottle detection system. 
  • Case Packer for Shrink Packs & Bottles 
  • Carton Packer for Pouches 

Pick and Place Robot Manufacturers develop robots that are used for any of the following operations:

  • Case packing of bottles and pouches
  • Palletizing
  • As-required pick and place of raw, finished, or semi-finished products

The last application viz. customized pick and place is a specialized use case for machines made by Pick and Place Robot Manufacturers. It can involve:

  • Tailored handling of catalytic converter substrates during their coating process. Robots typically lift and place the substrates for coating, drying, calcining, air stripping, and weighing. Many times, such robots have an incorporated Vision system for accurate positioning. 
  • Customized handling of hot crankshafts and connecting rods. The Vision System here has to be capable of countering the visual radiation emitted by the hot parts. 

Vision System is equally important for case packing and palletizing operations because of the accuracy it lends to the operations. 

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