Substrate Coating, Drying & Calcining System

Substrate coating, drying, and calcining system integrates four automation mechanisms – washcoat, coating, substrate handling cum thermal processing, and quality checks. The system has total online traceability via SCADA systems, inkjet printers, and barcode readers. Poka yoke eliminates errors. It churns out 80 catalytic converters per hour that are used in heavy duty trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles.

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Discover our turnkey Catalytic Converter Substrate Coating Solutions

Cybernetik’s Substrate Coating System for Catalytic Converters enables data traceability, high productivity, customized design, and safety for heavy duty trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles.

The future
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4 months

Customer Requirements

  • Track and trace.
  • Detect correctly and incorrectly coated parts. 
  • Customized robotic pick-place.
  • Firm yet smooth gripping of parts. 
  • Error free operation.
  • High productivity.

Cybernetik Solution

  • Total traceability i.e. every operation on each part is inspected and the data noted down for real time supervision and control.
  • Online tracking & traceability via SCADA systems, inkjet printers, and barcode readers.
  • Recipe based management.
  • Calciner treatment at 6500C.
  • Tray dryer with upto 1200C temperature. 
  • Fast and accurate solution with robotic pick & place based on 2D vision.
  • Error-proofing through inline poka yoke complete with weighing conveyors, colour sensors, and dimension measurement mechanisms.


  • Washcoat automation:  Premix tank, brewing tank, and activation tank.
  • Coating automation: Deposits coat of the required specifications. 
  • Substrate handling & thermal processing automation: Dryer, calciner, and robotic pick & place. 
  • Quality checks automation: 
    • Track & trace: Height sensor, pad printer, laser printer, barcode scanner.
    • Quality checks: Back pressure checking stations, weighing stations.
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