Snack Food Automation

Snack food automation custom handles multiple dals (pulses) and was fitted into the client’s existing layout. Centrifuge cooking oil filtration and simultaneous washing-conveying minimize human interaction. SCADA simplified operations of this hygienic, cGMP system built from SS304.

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Discover our turnkey Ready-to-Eat Food Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Cybernetik has delivered customized automation and equipment solutions for the Ready-to-Eat food industry, enabling rapid cooking with flavour and nutrient retention, customizability, hygiene, and safety.

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Customized multiple dal handling system with simultaneous washing-conveying and a centrifuge cooking oil filtration mechanism requires minimal human interaction. With a hygienic cGMP built and SS304 construction it fitted into the client’s existing layout. SCADA system with integrated data logging and report generation simplified operations. Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance, and spares was provided.


6 months

Customer Requirements

  • Handling multiple dals (pulses).
  • Storing, batching, conveying, and processing dals for making savoury snacks.
  • Process development for cooking oil filtration as well as dal washing and conveying.
  • Hygienic design and manufacturing.
  • Minimal human interaction.
  • Identification and data logging of bag data.
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT) before dispatch.
  • Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance, and spares. 

Cybernetik Solution

  • Complete process development from concept to commissioning.
  • Equipment / systems for storage, hydraulic and vacuum powder conveying, mixing, and size reduction.
  • Centrifuge mechanisms for cooking oil filtration and hydraulic conveying for simultaneous washing-conveying the dals.
  • SS304 built.
  • Customized structure to fit into existing layout and upstream-downstream integration.
  • Modular construction.


  • SCADA system with integrated data logging and report generation.
  • Elutriators separate dal from stones and other unwanted material.
  • Turbo sifter separates oversized particles.
  • Silos for powders and granules storage.
  • Screw conveyors for accurate conveying.
  • Hydraulic conveyors.
  • Pneumatic conveyors.
  • High-speed fine grinder to mill dals to the required particle size.
  • Ploughshare mixers blend dals with liquid injection.
  • Loss in weight feeder for precise feeding.
  • Oil filtration centrifuge to clear oil of unwanted particles.
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