Robotic Tray Filling & Weighing for Naked Product

Robotic tray filling and weighing for naked product solution integrates robot, conveyors, and hoppers into a solution that picks up empty trays from the stack, fills them, places them on the other stack, and then conveys them. The system complies with relevant international safety guidelines and is made in SS304 to FDA standards.

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16 weeks

Customer Requirements

  • Automatic tray pick up from trolley / dolly.
  • Tray filling.
  • Filled tray placing on trolley / dolly.
  • Automatic trolley / dolly handling.

Cybernetik Solution

  • Precise tray pick-up from empty tray stack on trolley.
  • Accurate weighing and dumping inside tray.
  • Precise tray placement on filled tray stack on trolley.
  • Complete SS304 FDA approved construction.
  • Compliance with international safety guidelines.


  • Trolley / dolly indexing conveyors. 
  • Robot with end-of-arm tooling.
  • Weighing hopper. 
  • Buffer hopper.
  • Safety fencing.
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