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Naked Product Automated Sorting & Distribution System with Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Packing Lines is a completely turnkey solution that delivers 1800 PPM throughput with auto distribution balancing on wrapper feedback. Main PLC Panel with HMI enables recipe selection and fresh recipe configuration. Made from food grade SS304, it complies with all relevant global safety standards.

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Discover our turnkey chocolate manufacturing solutions

Cybernetik has delivered customized automation and equipment solutions for the chocolate industry that enable close monitoring and control over each stage to make exceptional quality chocolate.

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16 weeks

Customer Requirements

  • Automatic distribution system (ADS).
  • Automatic inspection for shape, size, and integrity (broken or not) of chocolates.
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design.
  • Automatic flow wrapping. 
  • Secondary pouch filling.
  • Tertiary carton filling.

Cybernetik Solution

  • High through-put handling capability up to 1800 PPM.
  • Complete turnkey solution with metal detectors, wrappers, multi-head weigher, pouch packing, check weigher, secondary packing, robotic case erector, and robotic palletizing.
  • Auto distribution balancing on wrapper feedback.
  • Complete SS304 FDA approved construction.
  • Food grade bearings, motors, and cleanable belts.
  • Main PLC panel with HMI for recipe selection and new recipe configuration.
  • Compliance with international safety guidelines.


  • High-speed distribution conveyors.
  • High-speed diverters. 
  • Acceleration conveyors.
  • Metal detectors. 
  • Vision system. 
  • Flow wrapper. 
  • Highway conveyor. 
  • Multi head ware (MHW).
  • MHW feeder.
  • Pouch filling machine. 
  • Carton filling.
  • Carton erector. 
  • Carton sealer. 
  • Palletizer.


Cybernetik Technologies is among the top manufacturers of primary, tertiary, and secondary packaging automation systems. Packaging is an area where machines hold an inherent upper hand over humans, given the repetitive nature of the task and the necessity of high degree of accuracy. It is precisely this natural advantage that Cybernetik Technologies harnesses.

Before getting deeper in the packaging arena, let us understand the subtle differences between various stages of packaging:

  • Machines that handle the packaging of naked products, are primary packaging automation. Say for example the wrapping of naked chocolates into flow wrappers.
  • The machines that insert these flow wrapped chocolates into, say, pouches will fall under secondary packaging automation
  • And, those that pack these pouches into cartons will be examples of tertiary packaging automation.

Many times, the same machines are used for different packaging stages. A case packer that loads primary packed chocolates (or biscuits) into cases (or cartons) will be an example of secondary packaging automation. But if the same case packer is handling double packed chocolates, it becomes a tertiary packaging automation system.

Because secondary packaging is a robot friendly area, secondary packaging automation is, by its very nature, an efficient mechanism. Secondary packaging is usually the first part of a product package that a prospective buyer views. This makes it significant from the branding point of view. Therefore, it not only serves the usual protective function but also the purpose of catching a prospect’s eye.

The other function of secondary packaging is logistical – it collects multiple primary packaged products into a stock keeping unit (SKU), simplifying the storage, transportation, and record keeping of products.

Further extending the compatibility between secondary packaging and automation, a study found that secondary packaging registered the highest and quickest growth from among all the packaging areas that boosted throughput using robots. The study was titled, “Robotics 2019: Innovation 2 Implementation,” and focused on industries in North America.

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