Adhesive Handling & Packaging

Adhesive Handling & Packaging Solutions
Maintaining strict product and industrial safety norms are a must for solutions that handle adhesive raw materials and package the finished adhesives / adhesive components. Such systems maintain the required high tensile and shear strength of the product, while preventing the adhesive chemicals from creating health hazards.

Cybernetik offers contamination-free solutions for adhesive handling and packaging finished adhesives. All our systems help achieve the necessary throughput levels while maintaining accuracy and safety. Built for easy cleaning-maintenance, Cybernetik’s adhesive solutions come with user-friendly interfaces and data track-trace features.

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Raw Material Handling

Powder Conveying System

Leak-proof, vacuum conveying solution for up to 8 mm size powders maintains product integrity. Conveying powders at up to 3000 kg/hr with minimal temperature rise, the system’s dust-free operation maintains a hygienic ambience. Optional features include ATEX construction and CIP System.

C Type & Z Type Bucket Elevators

Dust-free and contamination-free transfer of hygroscopic material to 20 m height at up to 4000 kg/hr. Designed to keep material spillage, maintenance, and downtime to a minimum, the solution has ingrained safety features, and allows continuous visual inspection during operation.

Drum & IBC Decanting System

Single platform solution for decantation from drums and IBCs. Flush system for Lance prevents cross contamination of additives. Similar system is available for flushing drums with base oil. Tilting System inclines the drum or IBC to decant maximum possible additive to minimize wastage.

Submerged Conveyor

Inline pasteurization and cooling with automated, temperature-based Conveyor speed control. Food-grade, modular PVC Conveyor enables hygienic ambience and easy maintenance. Thermal insulation maintains temperature. The connected Singling Conveyor transports individual packets.  Inspection Door allows quick access.

End of Line Packaging

Drum & IBC Loading System

Fast, accurate, and safe solution for loading of drums and intermediate bulk carriers (IBCs) with liquid products. Recipe selection and load cells enable precise, customized loading. Lance discharges the liquid product only when inside the bung hole. Stoppers hold the drum pallet in position during loading. Another set of stoppers hold the loaded drums in position at the end of line.

Carton Filler

Continuous pick and place for single or multiple pouches of up to 20 kg payload at up to 60 parts/min. Automatic tool changer handles product variants. Inspection system for missing product eliminates errors. Servo / pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers for high-speed operations. It has a modular and purpose-built construction with up-/down- stream integration, and can form customized pouch matrix in cartons.

Carton Taper

Line integrated carton top taping first aligns the carton accurately with the taping component. Thereafter, it folds the carton flaps. Such pre-taping operations ensure that the carton is correctly and robustly sealed.

Carton Palletizer

Handles sturdy and handle-with-care boxes of 150 kg (max) payload at 7 cases/min (max). Servo/pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers enable high-speed operation. Simultaneous palletizing of 2 boxes is another feature that allows rapid working. Modular and purpose-built design with upstream-downstream integration, it can form customized box matrix on the pallet. Optional automated pallet storage and dispensing system is available.



UV Curing




Reactive Hot Melt





Pressure Sensitive






Formaldehyde & Melamine



Hot Melt

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About Cybernetik

Successfully delivering turnkey automation solutions since 1989.

Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik was set up as a consultancy in 1989 by a group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras, India and the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

From 10 people operating in less than 100 sq.m. workspace, our footprint in India has expanded to 30,000+ sq.m. across four units, two each in Pune, Maharashtra and Nadiad, Gujarat.

Our global operations are based out of three international offices:

Vietnam (for Southeast Asia), Dubai (for Middle East and Africa) and United States (for North America).


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