C Type & Z Type Bucket Elevator

Cybernetik built the C Type & Z Type Bucket Elevator for dust-free and contamination-free transfer of hygroscopic material to 20 m height at up to 4000 kg/hr. The importance of hygiene for pharmaceutical equipment can never be over stated. Designed to keep material spillage, maintenance, and downtime to a minimum, the solution has ingrained safety features, and it allows continuous visual inspection during operation.

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6 months

Customer Requirements

  • Dust-free transfer of hygroscopic material to 20 m height at up to 4000 kg/hr.
  • Minimal material spillage.
  • Hygienic, GMP built with zero contamination possibility.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Least possible downtime.
  • Operation to stop when Door is open.

Cybernetik Solution

  • Dust Extractor Ports at entry-exit for dust-free operation.
  • Zigzag Chain Link reduces material spillage between successive buckets.
  • Scraper transfers material on Bucket edge into Bucket.
  • Rack Pinion for smooth unloading in C Bucket Elevator.
  • Cam Disc for smooth unloading in Z Bucket Elevator.
  • Smooth Finish: Mirror (internal), Matt (external), Glass Bead (structure).
  • Chain Guides prevent Bucket wobbling.
  • SS316L / 304 construction for contact / non-contact parts.
  • Self-lubricated Chain avoids contamination.
  • Torque Limiter prevents breakage during unexpected stops.
  • Tension Adjustment System to maintain continuous chain-sprocket engagement.
  • Flame proof ATEX motor for explosion resistance.
  • System operates only when Inspection Doors are closed.
  • Inspection Door for each storey and at top for visual monitoring. 


  • Buckets
  • Chain-Sprocket System with Chain Guides & self-lubricated Chain
  • Rack-Pinion / Cam-Disc System
  • Torque Limiter
  • Tension Adjustment System

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