Catalytic Converter Substrate Coating

Cybernetik’s Substrate Coating Solutions
Catalytic Converters decrease pollution primarily by oxidizing carbon monoxide (CO) from automobile exhaust to carbon dioxide (CO2). They also oxidize hydrocarbons (HCs) and reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx). This is important considering transport is the number one source of urban air pollution and a major worldwide killer.

One of the factors affecting the efficacy of catalytic converters is substrate coating. Cybernetik’s Substrate Coating System is a synergy of multiple automation systems that enable data traceability, high productivity, customized design, and safety for heavy duty trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles.

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Heavy Duty Truck Catalytic Converters

Passenger Car Catalytic Converters

Motorcycle Catalytic Converters

Process Flow

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Catalytic Converter Substrate Coating Process Flow

The Cybernetik Advantage

Catalytic Converter Substrate Coating Automation

  • Data track and trace for real time access of data and process monitoring, control, and upgrades.
  • Robotic Pick & Place for automated part acceptance / rejection after crucial stages.
  • High productivity via seamless process flow.
  • Quality assurance via blockage testing and three stage weight checking.
  • Inbuilt systems for safe operations.

Products & Sub Systems

Washcoat Automation:

Premix Tanks

•  Brewing Tanks

•  Activation Tanks

•  Portable Tanks

Coating Automation:

•  Coating Machine

•  Air Stripper

Substrate Handling & Thermal Processing Automation:

•  Dryer

•  Calciner

•  Robotic Pick & Place

•  Track & Trace

Quality Checks:

•  Back Pressure
   Checking Station

•  Weighing Station

Automate your Catalytic Converter Substrate Coating Process

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Equipment Videos

The Manufacturing Process:
Coating Blend Preparation by Washcoat Automation and its loading into the Coating Automation equipment.
Loading part on Belt Conveyor.
Barcode Printing & Verification by Barcode Scanner, Laser Printer, and Pad Printer.
Scanning the part via Scanner before coating to check the coating stage i.e. first or second.
Coating by the Coating Machine as the part is rotated 360 degree in stages in the horizontal plane.
Pick & Place of properly coated part on Pallet by Robot on Servo Slide, which is then conveyed to the Pusher Slide. Robot places improperly coated part on Reject Conveyor.
Drying parts via air at 150-200 degree Celsius loaded by Pusher Slide in the Drying Tunnel.
Conveying dried part by Accumulation Conveyor.
Turning Upside Down the part in the Flip Over.
Pick & Place of flipped over part by Robot to Drying Tunnel; followed by a repeat of steps 4 to 7.
Pick & Place of the twice coated and dried part by Robot.
Calcining at 600-650 degree Celsius in the Calciner.
Pick & Place of calcined part by Robot on to Weigher.
Thermal Processing & Blockage Check in the Back Pressure Station.


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About Cybernetik

Successfully delivering turnkey automation solutions since 1989.

Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik was set up as a consultancy in 1989 by a group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras, India and the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

From 10 people operating in less than 100 sq.m. workspace, our footprint in India has expanded to 30,000+ sq.m. across four units, two each in Pune, Maharashtra and Nadiad, Gujarat.

Our global operations are based out of three international offices:

Vietnam (for Southeast Asia), Dubai (for Middle East and Africa) and United States (for North America).

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