AFCANN Connect Conversations

17 August, 2022 | CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa

In order to produce good quality bio-products, it is necessary to understand the different extraction methods. The most common methods either use solvents (ethanol or water) or gas (butane or carbon dioxide). Selection of the methods is based on available capital, product being manufactured and regulatory and customer acceptability, among other factors. It is also important to note that extraction is a multi-disciplinary function which requires technicians and operators with an appreciation of industrial engineering, chemical / pharmaceutical engineering as well as analytical / organic chemistry and some pharmaceutical science.

This workshop is being conducted by our Business Head Srivatsa Mahesh, with our extraction division, Buffalo Extraction Systems, to focus on discussing the theory and practice of extraction techniques for the bio-products industry. A practical demonstration will be conducted with some of the equipment and tips given on selection of the appropriate equipment to suit user requirements.

If you are keen to attend physically, please RSVP at to confirm your attendance.

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