Drum & IBC Loading System

Cybernetik’s Drum & IBC Loading System is fast, accurate, and safe solution for loading of drums and intermediate bulk carriers (IBCs) with liquid products. Recipe selection and Flow Meters enable precise, customized loading. Lance discharges the liquid product only when inside the drum bunghole. Stoppers hold the drum pallet in position during loading. Another set of stoppers hold the loaded drums in position at the end of line.

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Yêu cầu của khách hàng

  • Metered loading of finished liquid product in drums
  • Lance should discharge product only when completely inside the drum
  • Drum pallet must be locked in position during the loading operation
  • Loaded drums should be held in position at the end of Conveyor

Giải pháp Cybernetik

  • Idler Roller Conveyors to position the drum pallet
  • Swing Arm for horizontal positioning of Lance via sliding and rotary motion
  • Lance up-down movement for vertical positioning
  • Volume-based loading as per selected recipe
  • 4 drums on a Pallet at a time at each Loading Station
  • Lance does not discharge adhesive unless completely inside the drum, is locked in position before loading, and retracts upwards after loading  
  • Stoppers on Conveyor lock pallet in position during the loading operation
  • Stoppers at end of Conveyors prevent loaded drums from falling
  • Tolerance of 0.5% (weight)
  • Flow rate of up to 50 lit / min (4 drums of 200 lit each loaded in 16 min) at 8000 cSt viscosity

Phạm vi

  • 3 x Loading Stations
  • 2 x Idler Roller Conveyors
  • 1 x Working Platform (longitudinally along the centre)
  • 3 x Control Panels
  • 3 x Pneumatic Panels
  • 3 x Flow Meters

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