Turnkey Pharma Grade Starch Manufacturing

Turnkey pharma grade starch manufacturing plant was based on an innovatively developed and system integrated paddle-type sterilizer and cooler that minimized bacterial and fungal count to pharma standards and expanded production capacity while reducing workforce requirement to 3. Poka yoke eliminated errors in this safe and ergonomic setup. Training as well as documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance, and spares was provided.




6 months

Customer Requirements

  • Process development for automatic and hygienic starch sterilization plant.
  • Increase production from 20 to 100 ton/day.
  • Replace batch process with continuous process.
  • Complete system integration.
  • PC-based system control and system monitoring.
  • End to end setup from bag unloading to final bagging.
  • Workforce reduction.
  • SS316 construction.
  • Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance, and spares.

Cybernetik Solution

  • Completely automatic system for starch handling and sterilization.
  • Developed a state-of-the-art, inline paddle-type sterilizer that minimized bacterial and fungal count to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Developed a cooler integrated with cooling systems.
  • Designed complete factory layout considering product flow, hygiene, and clean room area requirements (Class 100K).
  • Integrated high capacity dense phase conveying, sterilizing, and bagging machine to achieve high production rates.
  • Modular equipment.
  • Workforce reduction to 3 personnel required only at inlet and outlet locations.
  • Complete documentation and training to all personnel.
  • Poka yoke at all locations.
  • Safe and ergonomic mechanical design.
  • Exhaustive design approval process, factory acceptance test (FAT), and site acceptance test (SAT).


  • Big bag unloading system.
  • Pressure pods for dense phase conveying.
  • Storage silos.
  • Turbo sifters.
  • Paddle-type continuous sterilizer.
  • Paddle-type continuous cooler.
  • Net weighers.
  • Automatic bagging machine.
  • SCADA system.
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