Automated Bag Processing

Cybernetik Bag Depalletizer & Slitter System
The flexibility of bags and sacks makes them particularly useful for the storage as well as transport of bulk solids and powders. Their capacity to stretch and bend to some extent lowers their footprint and potential damage.

Cybernetik’s Bag Depalletizer & Slitter System is a high-productivity solution with inbuilt features for accuracy and safety. Automation minimizes the bacterial load, an essential feature for food and pharmaceutical applications.

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Quality Check

  • High-speed vision and magnetic metal detectors
  • Detection for incorrect orientation, chip off, and metal ingress
  • In-line row rejection

Vibratory Conveyor

  • High capacity and speed
  • Bulk and overhead transfer to minimize footprint
  • Up to 30-deg upward conveying
  • Precise feed rate control via vibration frequency modification
  • Up to 6m product elevation


  • Rapid, high-speed operation at 2000-6000 rpm
  • Inbuilt durability and redundancy
  • Easy maintenance-replacement
  • Air cooled Seals and high-performance Bearings
  • Silencers and Inlet Magnets for smooth functioning
  • Hi-tech Polymer Belt for Drive Motor
  • Hygienic, cGMP built

Cocoa Beans Unloading

  • De-dusting Mechanism
  • Magnetic Metal Separator of 10,000 - 12,000 (± 500) gauss
  • Safe and ergonomic loading system
  • Hygienic, cGMP built
  • In-built Hopper


  • Dust free, smooth operation
  • Flavour preservation for authentic taste
  • Texture control via particle size control
  • Tamper-proof storage
  • Resident time control for required flavour and texture
  • Thorough blending


  • Maintains texture through temperature control, preheating of moulds, and vibration table.  
  • Integrated granule dosing unit and granule-chocolate mixer for chocolates with granules.   
  • Automatic or semi-automatic.  
  • Mould material options: Plastic, polycarbonate, or rubber moulds.  

Separator / Aligner

  • Precise row-based separation.  
  • In-line live belt aligners and feeders.  
  • Metal detector and in-line row rejection.  
  • Product singling by 45-deg conveyors.  
  • International standard compliance.  


  • Real time Brix checks for rapid operation
  • SCADA for total parameter (temperature, pressure, Brix) control
  • High-strength limpet / dimple jacket design
  • In-built mechanisms to prevent burn-on, mix thoroughly

Primary Packaging

  • Hygienic, cGMP built
  • Precision: Tracking systems for pick-place on moving conveyors
  • High speed: Up to 120 naked chocolates pick-place per minute
  • Orientation based packaging with incorrect position-orientation detection
  • Versatility: Handles various chocolate types and sizes
  • Optimized flow wrapper feeding and distribution

Secondary Packaging

  • Programmable with user-friendly HMI
  • High speed: Servo/Pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers for palletizers
  • Precision: Weight-based, metered filling systems
  • Large payload capacity
  • Pneumatic holding, fail safe clamping, and stitching / sealing arrangement for bag packing
  • Hygienic, cGMP built

Tertiary Packaging

  • High speed: Servo/Pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Customized pallet matrix formation
  • Modular, purpose-built design with upstream-downstream integration
  • Flexibility: Automatic, end-of-arm tooling change
  • Multiple unit palletizing in some cases 

Carton Erector

  • Customized pallet matrix formation
  • Servo/pneumatic end-of-arm customized grippers for high speed
  • Multiple cartons simultaneously palletized
  • Optional automated pallet storage and dispensing system
  • Integration with empty pallet dispensing station
  • Integration with slip sheet pick and place for top sheet and bottom sheets

The Cybernetik Advantage

  • Customizable: Vision System guided Rotate-able Grippers adjust automatically to bag matrix pattern for as-required depalletizing
  • Rapid Operations: Multiple depalletizer lines for higher speed
  • Hygiene: Dust Collector maintains dust-free ambience
  • Accuracy: Poka Yoke keeps operations error free
  • Operational Continuity: Bag Compactor removes empty bags while Rotary Tables guide away empty pallets
  • Safety: Safety Curtain switches off the setup when human presence is spotted in Safety Cage


• Bags

• Sacks

• Food

• Pharmaceuticals

• Chemicals

• Powders

• Bulk Solids

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Equipment Video

Operational Sequence:
To place the loaded Pallet on the Roller Conveyor at the single Entry Station upstream of the Safety Curtain.
Ensures correct placement of the loaded Pallet.
Allows the system to operate only if no humans are present inside the Safety Cage.
Direct the loaded Pallet to one of the two Unloading Stations, one on each side of the Depalletizer Robot.
Picks up Bags from the Pallet and places them on the Belt Conveyor. Rotate-able Grippers of the Robot allow it to pick different number of Bags during each iteration to adjust to the Pallet Matrix.
Transfers Bags to the Slitter section.
Slits the Bags and directs the material and empty Bags in different directions. Bag Compactor removes empty Bags from the system.
Direct empty Pallets from both Unloading Stations to the Pallet Stacker.
The empty Pallet stack via Forklift Truck.




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About Cybernetik

Successfully delivering turnkey automation solutions since 1989.

Cybernetik is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries across the world.

Cybernetik was set up as a consultancy in 1989 by a group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras, India and the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

From 10 people operating in less than 100 sq.m. workspace, our footprint in India has expanded to 30,000+ sq.m. across four units, two each in Pune, Maharashtra and Nadiad, Gujarat.

Our global operations are based out of three international offices:

Vietnam (for Southeast Asia), Dubai (for Middle East and Africa) and United States (for North America).


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