Drum & IBC Decanting System

Cybernetik’s Drum & IBC Decanting System provides a single platform for decantation from drums and IBCs. Flush system for Lance prevents cross contamination of additives. Similar system is available for flushing drums with base oil. Tilting system inclines the drum or IBC to decant maximum possible additive.

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Yêu cầu của khách hàng

  • Single platform for decantation from drums and IBCs
  • Accurate decantation
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Wastage reduction by minimizing dead stock in drums and IBCs

Giải pháp Cybernetik

  • Lance flushing by circulating heated base oil
  • Drum/IBC flushing by spraying base oil via Lance
  • Tilting system inclines the drum/IBC for maximum decantation
  • Servo-controlled Lance moves deeper inside drum/IBC in stages when decanting large quantities for better accuracy
  • Agitator and recirculation uniformize temperature of oil in Flush Tank
  • Tolerance of 0.5% (weight)
  • Flow rate of up to 4 m3 / hr at 6000 cSt viscosity

Phạm vi

  • 1 x Flush Tank
  • 1 x Lance/Probe
  • 1 x Decanting Station
  • 8 x Load Cell
  • 2 x Roller Conveyor
  • 2 x Pump
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